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    Quality Politics

ATEC's main objective is to satisfy the needs and expectations of its Clients, Quality in our service is essential in all its processes. The Client is guaranteed that the services contracted by them will be carried out in compliance with the applicable technical and legal regulations.

We focus on the lessons learned during the development of the work and in the relationship with the different Clients, with the commitment to continuously improve our Quality management for the provision of our services, and in the way of relating to Clients.

The exchange of opinions between the personnel in charge of the projects and in contact with Clients, and the Board of Directors, added to the monitoring of indicators, are fundamental in our objective of continuous improvement.

Communication with our Clients is fluid, in order to correctly interpret their concerns and needs, in order to resolve them in the most convenient way for their interests.


Our objective is to remain active over time and establish ourselves as a benchmark engineering company in the market.

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